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Payroll Services

Do you wish to deposit your net paycheck into one account, or do you want your paycheck split into 100 separate accounts? Or maybe you’re interested in Debit Card another easy and convenient way to get paid? No matter what your personal choice is, Farley’s Payroll Service is here to handle all your direct deposit requests.

Garnishments and Deductions

Let Farley’s Payroll Service relieve you of the hassles of dealing with child support orders, levies, and other garnishments. We administer employee deductions and make timely payments to the garnishing authorities. Whether your deductions are for garnishments, health care benefits, advances or uniforms– just to name a few, Farley’s Payroll Service has got you covered.

PTO Tracking

At Farley’s Payroll Service, we feel that your employees are your greatest asset. They work hard for you every day, and so you want to make sure they all get paid accurately for the time off they’ve earned. Like so many other things in an employer’s life: it’s easier said than done. When you allow Farley’s Payroll Service to track your employees’ sick, vacation, and personal time based on your own PTO policy, you’ll feel like you just went on vacation yourself: a vacation from yet another administrative headache.

Tax Pay & File

Never worry about missing a deadline or being penalized for an error. With Farley’s Payroll Tax Pay and File Service, we will assume all responsibility for timeliness and accuracy.

  • Tax deposits are made on time – GUARANTEED
  • Quarterly and year-end tax forms are completed and filed on time – GUARANTEED

When your employee is located within multiple states, it may be difficult for your current accounting software to handle the payroll report. This is due to the difference of tax withholdings within various states. But when you are operating within one state only, you can process payroll reports with the help of outsourcing payroll services.

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