Bookkeeping Services

To maintain prime focus on your core business, outsourcing your bookkeeping activities saves you time, headaches, and money. Doing bookkeeping on your own consumes more time and money which could be better to spent on your core business.

Farley’s Accounting and Tax Service offers bookkeeping services and solution to its business clients at affordable rates. We provide bookkeeping services from small business to large enterprises with an expert bookkeeper. Outsource bookkeeping services to us will help you to achieve the excellence in your bookkeeping work.

We provide single entry bookkeeping service and double entry bookkeeping service to help out our client in gaining competitive advantages. We will help you to deliver all type of bookkeeping services with our most committed and skilled team of bookkeeping experts.

Business Bookkeeping Services:

Income related tasks
• Record payments from your clients
• Enter bank deposits and classify to appropriate income categories
• Enter Paypal and other credit card income and classify
• Track client under and over payments
• Create and manage sales/accounts receivable invoices
• Track delayed payments and send reminders, if needed

Expense related tasks
• Record checks that were sent out and enter proper codes to classify
• Enter Paypal, debit and credit card transactions to correct expense categories
• Enter supplier/accounts payable invoices. Route to appropriate people for approval
• Set up online bill payments to pay your suppliers
• Create reports on how much money you owe your suppliers
• Enter payroll information of your staff
• Track advance payments made to company staff

• Check actual amount deposited in the bank statements for any discrepancies
• Reconcile credit card transactions
• Correct any errors and write up adjusting entries

Other bookkeeping tasks
• Asset management and reporting
• Inventory management
• Sending pick lists for warehouse for shipping products

• Income and expense statement
• Balance sheet
• Cash flow
• Amount that customers owe you
• Amount that you owe your suppliers
• General ledger
• Reconciliation
• Vendor 1099 reports
• Other custom reports you need

Software used
• QuickBooks

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